Water Heater Rebates

Residential consumers installing electric water heaters will receive the following rebates: non-lifetime heaters will receive a  $3.00 per gallon rebate; lifetime or light duty commercial units will receive a $6.00 per gallon rebate. To be eligible for a rebate for an electric water heater, the unit must have a load control receiver installed. There is no cost for the installation of the load control receiver. By having load control hooked to your water heater, you also enjoy $5.00 credit on your monthly electric bill.

Heat Incentives

Residential heating system incentive is $600 on a heat pump.

$10/kw resistance heat up to 50kw.

Commercial heating system incentive is $10/kW of electric heat up to a maximum of 600kw and $50 per ton of heating capacity for electric heat pump systems.

Heat Loans

Heating loans on qualifying heating systems are also available. Call FEM Electric at 800.587.5880 for more details.

Special Electric Heat Rate

FEM offers a special electric heat rate for qualifying systems. Contact our Member Service Department at 800.587.5880 for additional information.