Deadline to apply for the 2023 Youth Excursion is May 31st, 2023.

FEM Electric helps area students take the drag out of the summer break with the Youth Excursion – a supervised three-day retreat for high school students. All area freshmen and sophomores can apply to win one of these fun-filled, educational trips. Parents do not need to be a member of FEM.

Teens from all over South Dakota will join together in the summer for the Youth Excursion to North Dakota in July. The youths ride in a deluxe bus, stay in a nice hotel, eat healthy meals, enjoy social activities and learn about the huge power generation facilities that provide their power. Best of all, your local electric cooperative will pick up the tab.

FEM Electric will cover the expenses for all transportation, lodging and meals for the selected students as part of our Touchstone Energy commitment to tomorrow’s cooperative leaders. Participants will see many of the same sights featured on the Basin Trip that FEM has offered every summer for our adult members.

Like our adults members, the students learn what’s behind the switch – how coal mines provide the fuel, how clean-burning, cooperatively-owned power plants use it to generate electricity and how that electricity finally reaches the homes and businesses of co-op members.

The tour also includes a visit to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, a unique operation that uses coal to create synthetic natural gas and other useful goods like chemicals and fertilizer.

However, this tour is designed and geared for students. In addition to the educational aspects, plenty of time is scheduled for fun. Social activities include swimming at the hotel pool, a boat cruise, shopping excursion to area stores and a teen dance where students meet and mingle with new friends – students from other SD electric co-ops.

The application forms are available at area schools, by CLICKING HERE or by contacting our office at 605-426-6891 or 1-800-587-5880.

2023 Youth Excursion Poster - Images of past attendees with details about event